loved it!

Book title: The Little House
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Little House - book cover picture

This book starts off as a sweet little relationship read, of an adopted woman, Ruth trying to get accepted into her in-laws' family. Unfortunately the mother-in-law has such lofty standards that no-one, besides herself is really good enough for her son and the daughter-in-law has no hopes of attaining them. The baby comes along, and Ruth is just in the way then; as her mother-in-law literally casts her aside leaving Ruth to feel inadequate as an inexperienced mother, rather than being encouraged. RUTH FIGHTS BACK! Totally dependant, financially and mentally, Ruth sees that there's only one way to claim her space in the family and sets out to grasp it! The conclusion is brilliant, and leaves you mulling over the story line, long after you've finished reading it!

EAN: 9780006496434
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
Philippa Gregory

My favorite sci-fi book ever . . .

Book title: Ender's Game (Ender Quartet)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ender's Game (Ender Quartet) - book cover picture

But also intersting on a whole other level. The psychology and motivations for the characters are complex, and aside from Ender's time at Battle school, the conversations and writings of Valentine and Peter are equally as interesting. Ender is a character which one can never forget. What more can I say? Orson Scott Card is a master of writing, and Ender's Game (as well as all of it's sequels) is proof of it, tracing the development of a taunted "third" to a military genius caught up in a giant scheme.

EAN: 9780312853235
Pages: 256
Publisher: Tor Books
Orson Scott Card

A Man Rides Through a masterpeice

Book title: Man Rides Through (Man Rides Through)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Man Rides Through (Man Rides Through) - book cover picture

This book proves that Stephen R. Donaldson is a genius when it comes to writing great books that leave you wondering what will happen next. He is a master at detail no matter what the story. A Man Rides Through is a great conclusion to Mirror of Her Dreams, it continues the story of Terisa and Geraden and how they come to realize how powerful and important they really are. They realize that they were ment to be together and everything is not what is seems. This a great story if you are looking for excitement, romance, and proof that anything is possible.

EAN: 9780345356574
Publisher: Del Rey
Stephen R. Donaldson

I read it once and immediately read it again.

Book title: A Gracious Plenty : A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Gracious Plenty : A Novel - book cover picture

I first read this book when I check it out of the local library. I loved it. I immediately felt as if I were in the cemetary with her. Sherri has the unique ability to make the supernatural seem natural. I will never go by a grave yard again without thinking about this book. It has even made me think again about my own desire to be cremated when I die. A fabulous book. I read it twice and I'm going to buy my own copy.

EAN: 9780609602256
Pages: 205
Publisher: Harmony
Sheri Reynolds

As wonderful as his show

Book title: Adoption
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Library Binding
Adoption - book cover picture

What can I say! Mr. Rogers couldn't fail at anything he did, even if he tried. This is a lovely book about adoption, beautifully telling in words and pictures what being a family is all about, adoptive or not. It tells just enough about adoption not to confuse the young child but to focus on feelings every child has and how to cope with them. Five stars for Mr. Rogers whom we sorely miss every day. Gisela Gasper Fitzgerald, author of ADOPTION: An Open, Semi-Open or Closed Practice?

EAN: 9780613082365
Publisher: Bt Bound
Fred Rogers

One story I would like to see as a film.....

Book title: The Bachman Books
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Bachman Books - book cover picture

One of the most compelling stories I have ever read (and there have been many) is The Long Walk. While it is "unlikely" that this sort of thing could ever in a "civilised" world, the thought of an ultimate sports contest, with odds of 100-1, 99 deaths and televised coverage is chilling yet.... what if.......I usually feel little empathy towards characters in short books but I found myself caring for most of the walkers, very quickly. Even Barkovitch and Stebbins ;-). The ending is a confused and dazed walker, just as you should expect.If only the bridge had washed out......;-)Go...Go...Garrety ;-)

EAN: 9780450392498
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Stephen King

I think Teresa's diary is a lot like life today.

Book title: West to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi, New York to Idaho Territory, 1883 (Dear America)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
West to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi, New York to Idaho Territory, 1883 (Dear America) - book cover picture

She is always thinking of her friends back home, and writing to them. They have many troubles on their way to the Idaho Territory, but they get through them and make their way there. Even though loved ones die or leave and go out on their own, Teresa's family didn't turn back. They kept on and when they got to the Idaho Territory, they made a farm. I think she should have married J.W. though. He sounded so nice.

EAN: 9780590738880
Pages: 208
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Jim Murphy

Greatest book of the 20th century

Book title: Decline of the West: Volume II, Perspectives of World History
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Decline of the West: Volume II, Perspectives of World History - book cover picture

Quite simply the most important book of the twentieth century for several reasons:

1] Spengler offers a morphology of history as an organic conception that can used to understand all historical development with genuine insight.

2] Spengler's projection of coming trends (e.g. Militant Islam, environmental crisis, secularization of the elites, "second religiousness" of the folk, etc.) has enormous predictive value. His understanding of current events (from the perspective of 1917!) is more acute and useful than any present day commentator.

3] Without a doubt, Spengler is the most important National Bolshevik thinker.

4] "Oswald Spengler is the greatest mystic of the twentieth century." - Klemmens von Klemperer

EAN: 9780394421766
Pages: 560
Publisher: Knopf
Oswald Spengler


Book title: F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald) - book cover picture

A short book, a simple story, but Fitzgerald does things with the English language that few human beings have ever been able to do. This novel floats ethereally through the mind and settles in a place where it refuses to be dislodged. It is a pity that it is on almost every high school reading list because it is worth much more than the simple distaste that comes from most required reading. And what might be simple can also be classic. This is one of those books that resonates stronger and stronger with each succesive re-read. The movie (despite Robert Redford's presence) does the book absolutely no justice.

EAN: 9780521402309
Pages: 276
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Terrific mystery series!

Book title: The Casebook of Constance and Charlie, Vol. 1
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Casebook of Constance and Charlie, Vol. 1 - book cover picture

I've adored the Constance and Charlie books for years, and it's great to see them collected in two volumes (this book is Volume 1). Constance and Charlie are intelligent, well-rounded, and often humorous characters, and their personalities and marriage are as much a part of these stories as are the mysteries they investigate. The mysteries themselves are comprised of unusual and interesting casts of characters, and the plot twists are always inventive and surprising. This is light and entertaining fiction, but the quality of the writing is high enough for the most discriminating reader.

EAN: 9780312245016
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Kate Wilhelm

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