Yes! I read this book every summer and will continue to...

Book title: Blonde: A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Blonde: A Novel - book cover picture

This is not only a story for those Marilyn Monroe fans, but also for those who just enjoy a good read. Although I haven't always been keen on Joyce Carol Oates' writing, I must admit that this book had me captivated. Oates managed to caputre something so true and pure in this fictional biography of Monroe - her inner being. Oates may have been dead on or completely off in her depiction of Monroe, but that she gives such a clear depiction of who Norma Jean really was (not Marilyn) on the inside even through a third-person narration style - a lost, whimsical girl who just wanted to please and be loved while dealing with a quiet, creeping insanity and depression. The novel moves smoothly through Norma Jean's life. One can easily guess the other characters even though they are never named (her husbands, actresses that she admired, etc...). It makes one want to go rent the movies after reading the other side of the story. It made a true Marilyn addict out of me.

EAN: 9780060196073
Pages: 752
Publisher: Ecco (HarperCollins)
Joyce Carol Oates

A terrific insight into the minds of men.

Book title: Youth in Revolt
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Youth in Revolt - book cover picture

I have such a hard time finding something worth reading, and picked this 5-6 years ago at Cody's bookstore in Berkeley to read while waiting for my mom. I couldn't help but buy it. Or put it down. Or keep myself from reading it twice. In fact, I recently reread it, and it gave me tremenedous insight into the mind of my man, and really helped me figure out where men in general are coming from. Great book...where's the sequel?

EAN: 9780385481960
Pages: 512
Publisher: Main Street Books
C.D. Payne

Keep The Family Line Going...

Book title: Sinful
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Sinful - book cover picture

Susan's work has always beautiful and you can never put it down.. I've read all of her books in print and I can't wait until her next one comes out. Out of all the romance novels I've read Sinjin St. John is the perfect dream man. Even though he has many faults..hes all man..and more important all Chelsea's..If you liked their story you should read about Sinjin's son Beau.... (unplug the phone and pull the shades) I hope she keeps this family line going..As well as the Kuzans...Nikki Alex Apollo...< (Never knew Russia had men that sexy..)

EAN: 9780553293128
Pages: 432
Publisher: Fanfare
Susan Johnson


Book title: Sea Fire
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Sea Fire - book cover picture

This book was a terrific read. I read the first book "Island Flame" and this book was even better. I can't believe the reviews are so bad for this! It was such a page turner, I could not put the book down. It gets tiring reading the same type of love stories, that this book was so refreshing in that its not the typical kind of romance that one usually reads. I'm a true Karen Robards fan that almost everyone of her books are fantastic. And I for one am glad that she doesn't write each book the same way.

EAN: 9780440221081
Pages: 400
Publisher: Dell
Karen Robards

Beginners Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome

Book title: Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-By-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome (Chronical Series)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-By-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome (Chronical Series) - book cover picture

This was one of the first books that introduced me to the splendors, excesses, and cruelty of the Roman Emperors. Truly an easy to read, concise, yet full account of all of the emperors and the significant events that happened within their reigns. the book has lots of cool pictures and diagrams that let you visually realise what these people were like. Be warned, once you read this book, you'll be hooked on the life and times of the Romans!

EAN: 9780500050774
Pages: 240
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Chris Scarre
Christopher Scarre

A must for HR managers, bureaucrats, medicos, lawyers.

Book title: The Power to Harm
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Power to Harm - book cover picture

Cornwell leads the reader through an incredible series of events. He holds a mirror to bosses who don't notice or are too self possessed to care. He shows bureaucrats that fail to act responsibly. Describes a chemical company that is apparently without a conscience and medicos that are hindered by a system. Lawyers cut a deal, that in popular parlance is intended to deliver a win-win solution to the chagrin of the trial judge. And the families who grieve, a son that's pilloried and the reader left to wonder about mass killers and what really gets them started. A must for HR managers, bureaucrats, medicos and lawyers and anyone who cares about others

EAN: 9780140269963
Pages: 336
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
John Cornwell


Book title: The Great Big Book of Tomorrow: A Treasury of Cartoons
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Great Big Book of Tomorrow: A Treasury of Cartoons - book cover picture

Hysterical and right on target! Thank whichever God you want that intellectualism doesn't have to be humorless, and can even be a little silly.There's much to read...and as the strip goes through recent history, you get the feel of what any thinking person was feeling at the time. Tom, for instance, doesn't give Clinton a break, and is even fooled, as we all were, by all the hype about incidents we now know were spun WAY out of proportion. It makes you want to smack your forehead while you laugh.Besides politics there are some fantastic commentaries on our consumer, "just buy it" society.A fun book....with relevance and intelligence....and a penguin in sun glasses and sneakers. ...

EAN: 9780312301774
Pages: 208
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Tom Tomorrow

Great book.

Book title: UNIX System Administration Handbook (Bk\CD ROM) (2nd Edition)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
UNIX System Administration Handbook (Bk\CD ROM) (2nd Edition) - book cover picture

Yeah, it hasn't been updated in 5 years. Yeah, it doesn't so much as mention (much less cover) Linux. And no, it is not a general user's guide. But it is that rare thing: a classic technical book with exceptional clarity and an uncanny tendency to explain exactly what you need on the page it falls open on. And in most regards it's better than the O'Reilly title in its genre.If you're a system administrator (or training to be one) working with a commercial Unix, or with more than one kind of Unix, (and no, that doesn't mean a user), this book is a must-have, even as old as it is and even at the obscene price.

EAN: 0076092003038
Pages: 779
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Evi Nemeth
Garth Snyder
Scott Seebass
Trent R. Hein

The Conclusion to one of the finest

Book title: Sword & Citadel : The Second Half of 'The Book of the New Sun' (New Sun)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Sword & Citadel : The Second Half of 'The Book of the New Sun' (New Sun) - book cover picture

I'll write this review for those who have read the first half of this series. Wolfe has a way ending the impossible and making it believable and engaging. I find time and again novels that write themselves into a story that is impossible to conclude in a reasonable fashion. So it seems with the magnitude of this epic. Yet with elegance Wolfe writes it to a successful close. The novel begins as we find Severian in Thrax serving as Lictor, as with Shadow and Claw, his mercy sets him forth on a journey that truly tests his strength. While in the previous novel Severian wanders in almost a childish fashion, this time around Wolfe is brutal on Severian, which evolves his character in new ways and opens new doors. The novel does not answer all the questions and is a lead way into Urth of the New. If you loved Shadow and Claw, you will love Sword and Citadel as well.

EAN: 9780312890186
Pages: 416
Publisher: Orb Books
Gene Wolfe

Better than Danielle Steele

Book title: Goldie: A Lotus Grows in the Mud
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Goldie: A Lotus Grows in the Mud - book cover picture

I absolutely loved this book and have told so many others to read it. Goldie is so down to earth and let's no stone go unturned. She knows how to live her life and inspires others to learn from her and know that what is really important isn't the material things but the memories and experiences you pick up along the way. Thank you Goldie! I've passed the book onto a recently widowed neighbor who can smile alittle bit more while turning the pages.

EAN: 9780399152856
Pages: 446
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Goldie Hawn

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