Ultimate Presidential History

Book title: Complete Book of U.S. Presidents : From George Washington to George W. Bush
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Complete Book of U.S. Presidents : From George Washington to George W. Bush - book cover picture

This book is a must for anyone that wants a concise and quick background on all the United States Presidents. The book lists cabinet members, judicial appointments, running mates, election opponents, major accomplishments, campaign platforms, and the primary process in which each President secured the nomination. Each President short biography covers how they grew up, women they loved, and what shaped their leadership style.

If you are a history and political enthusiast this book is a great reference tool. It is also a great way to follow how the United States has progressed over the past three centuries. One fascinating part of the book is some of the newspaper quotes during each Presidency. With each President there is support and opposition for the President's policies. For example, it is interesting to see criticism of George Washington. Even the great Washington could not please everyone. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Presidential history.

EAN: 9780517183533
Pages: 848
Publisher: Gramercy
William Degregorio

This is a book I wish my parents had known.

Book title: How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor - book cover picture

If you felt suspicious of certain doctor's practices, You may have been right all along. Dr. Mendelsohn does a very thorough job of exposing questionable practices and needless risks and why these are still around. His true greatness shines when he admits to his own doctoring business as usual and how he himself learned to do more with less (drugs, that is). In clear words he tells how much diagnostic value parental observation actually has and when to see a doctor urgently. If you have children or if you foresee to create bodies for them, or if you just know someone who would benefit from healthy advice, learn more and enjoy this classic. A true gift.

EAN: 9780345342768
Pages: 304
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Robert S. Md Mendelsohn

Brains or Style??

Book title: New Women's Dress for Success
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
New Women's Dress for Success - book cover picture

If you don't like being told how to dress then this would'nt be the book for you. On the other hand if you like clothes and being successful then you've met your match. As a seventeen years old this book seemed very borring to me, but once you get in to it you discover the other side of business. If you were one of those people who has applied for jobs but never got hired, then this book might be the answer to your prayers. You'll find out that your clothes or hair really might of been responsible, or even the colors you wear. I really enjoyed this book,and so will you!!

EAN: 9780446672238
Pages: 272
Publisher: Warner Books
John T. Molloy

Historical Fact That Reads Like Fiction.

Book title: The Great Escape
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Great Escape - book cover picture

As one who is interested in history and in particular, WW2 history, I was very impressed with this work. This popular nonfiction literature outlines the resourcefulness, ingenuity, desperation and courage of the POWs who desperately desired to gain their own freedom to help the allied war effort; while, conversely showing the darker side of humanity through the cold blooded murders of many of these same men by the Nazis that eventually caught them. The author tells an important historical story with humor and insight. This book shows that you really can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. A great read for all ages.

EAN: 9780449001394
Pages: 280
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Paul Brickhill

This one portrays the actual worldview from the past!

Book title: Crystal Memories
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Crystal Memories - book cover picture

These are characters anyone with a heart will fall in love with. Michael struggles to give the heroine the benefit of the doubt; she doesn't impose the standards of our time on someone who can't possibly understand them. The books centers on the questions of broken promises, building trust, and allowing love to rule over the tendecy to protect oneself. The characters come across as real people, not impossible constructs. Aiken uses language like a poet--a fun read, a language delight. When's her next one due??

EAN: 9780515121599
Pages: 304
Publisher: Jove Books
Ginny Aiken

A great book covering everything

Book title: Earth Science
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Textbook Binding
Earth Science - book cover picture

This textbook is one of the best scientific books I have seen. Not only does it cover earth science (like geology), but astronomy and meteorology also. It covers every topic that you possibly want to know about. The authors leave no information out. I had to use this for Science Olympiad, and it helped me so much. The explanations are great, the images beautiful, and the diagrams very helpful. I would suggest this for anyone that has an interest in Earth Science or Meteorology. It is a great book.

EAN: 9780130815668
Pages: 672
Publisher: Prentice Hall College Div
Edward J. Tarbuck
Frederick K. Lutgens
Frederick Lutgens

Magnificent environmental mystery!

Book title: Blue Poppy (Pacific Northwest Mysteries)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Blue Poppy (Pacific Northwest Mysteries) - book cover picture

Skye Kathleen Moody's second novel about Venus Diamond, Fish and Wildlife agent, set in the Pacific Northwest, is a riveting and thrilling mystery. Venus heads to Fern, Washington, home of an exclusive perfume corporation, to investigate the murder of a Canadian lepidopterist. Moody again demonstrates her depth of research into environmental issues surrounding endangered species and fragile ecosystems. Her cast of interesting, quirky, believable, and resourceful characters and her well-woven plot make this novel not only an excellent and exciting mystery, but a novel which promotes a thoughtful consideration of some of the major issues surrounding modern society and its interaction with earth's ecosystem.

EAN: 9780312154790
Pages: 355
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Skye Kathleen Moody

This book taught me more than Harvard Business School

Book title: Marketing Warfare
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Marketing Warfare - book cover picture

While working at Intuit, which pioneered many sophisticated marketing techniques in the software industry, I asked the marketing manager what she considered the most important marketing books to read. "Marketing Warfare" was one of the top three. I devoured it.The book starts with the principle that marketing is primarily about psychology, and making your product synonymous with a category IN THE CONSUMER'S MIND. Coke=cola. McDonald's=fast food. "Marketing Warfare" describes how you can do this, and how you can compete for a position in the consumer's mind if you're in an industry already dominated by a leader.I learned more solid, applicable concepts from this book than I did from the first year Marketing curriculum of Harvard Business School.

EAN: 0639785301615
Pages: 216
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Al Ries
Jack Trout

bridget jones read by Barbara Rosenblatt is best

Book title: Bridget Jones's Diary
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Bridget Jones's Diary - book cover picture

I love this book. I have read it several times, bought the movie and watched it over 2 dozen times, and listened to the unabridged audio book several times. It is the perfect pick me up. You can't laugh any harder! I highly recommend the audio by Rosenblatt, she also reads the edge of reason, equally hysterical... She gives it the edge it needs, and a soul you can see. If you want to laugh your a** off and multitask- audio book is the way to go.

EAN: 9780330332767
Pages: 310
Publisher: Picador (UK)
Helen Fielding

Well developed techniques for musicians

Book title: The Inner Game of Music
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Inner Game of Music - book cover picture

Using Timothy Gallwey's "Inner Game" techniques, Barry Green has provided here an excellent resource for musicians who feel that they practice adequately, but still lack a "certain something" in their music. Mr. Green leads the reader through a series of examples and techniques that combat nervousness, a lack of emotion, and many other problems that most musicians face. Although I am a rather well versed saxophonist, I tended to get nervous before many of my performances and auditions, and the techniques of the "Inner Game" have helped me to combat that. My practice time is now more effective, and my performances are better because of this book. Some may feel that the only shorcoming in this book is that Green discusses too many varying techniques, but in actuality they are all similar in philosophy and practice, and they all lead the performer to greater chances of success.

EAN: 9780330300179
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Barry Green
W.Timothy Gallwey

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