Perfection. A love story from God Himself to us. Thanks,God!

Book title: KJV Presentation Reference Edition with Concordance and Dictionary Black bonded leather CD282
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Leather Bound
KJV Presentation Reference Edition with Concordance and Dictionary Black bonded leather CD282 - book cover picture

This book is perfect. To the wise, is it knowledge [Prov.1:5], to the fearful, it is strength [Joshua 1:8-9], to the youth it is honor [1Timothy 4:11-16], to the hungry it is filling bread and water [John 1:1, 6:35-36]. To the writer it is a storybook [see previous reviews and Psalm 119:97]. It has untainted romance, drama, song, wisdom, and even tips for athletes! :) Most importantly, it tells us how we were made by a perfect God Who requires perfection; when we fell short of His perfection, he didn't simply condemn us to hell--he actually became one of us; and not even a prestigious one of us. He bore our sorrows, was fully acquainted with all the grief we take, yet didn't even stop short of death. Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.

EAN: 9780521509206
Pages: 1705
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Tense thriller

Book title: Raveling
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Raveling - book cover picture

If you like unusual and tense mysteries, you may want to try Raveling by Peter Moore Smith. The main character, Pilot James Aire, has recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia. As the schizophrenia takes hold Pilot becomes obsessed with the 20-year-old disappearance of his sister. He becomes determined to find the truth but is hampered by his brother, Eric, who considers him mentally ill. Helped by his therapist, Katherine DeQuincy-Joy, they search for the truth.
The reader is never sure what is part of Pilot's psychosis and what are genuine memories and the suspense continues until the very end. This is not a book to recommend to you "cozy" readers but is extremely engrossing and I highly recommend it. The audio version won an Audie award this year.

EAN: 9780316442176
Pages: 389
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Peter Moore Smith

I've read others book from this author

Book title: Empire of the Ants
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Empire of the Ants - book cover picture

I appologize becuase i'm a french student and i'm not speaking very well. But I want to tell that WERBER has also wrigt other books about the ants (ther's 3 books all together).Last night I finished an other which is "les thanatonautes" and where he speak about death. The story take place in PARIS and tell the story of some guys who try to discover the land of dead people.For people who like this subject it's a very interesting book of 500 pages but very easy to read. bye

EAN: 9780553096132
Pages: 272
Publisher: Bantam
Bernard Werber

The most personal, most influential book I've ever read.

Book title: The Great Divorce
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Great Divorce - book cover picture

As I step forward to attempt to write a review of The Great Divorce, I acknowledge that words probably won't express how important this little book is to me. Lewis' intellect is so brilliant as to easily illuminate the most profound thoughts, ideas, truths--anyone can follow the language, who will. With each read (so far there have been six), there is more wisdom and food for thought. This is a book that can change your life. It changed mine.

EAN: 9780006280569
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
C.S. Lewis

One of my Favorites

Book title: Summer of My German Soldier
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Summer of My German Soldier - book cover picture

Summer of my German Soldier is one of my favorite books, and I've read a lot. It's the story of Patty Bergen, a Jewish girl living in Arkansas who protects an escaped POW Nazi. It may sound a little unrealistic, but the characters and emotions in this story were so real. I read this in two days because I couldn't stand to put it down - I wanted to know what happened to Patty and Anton. Every girl should read this book, but I don't recommend it to boys because it is a romance story.

EAN: 9780140372946
Publisher: Gardners Books
Bette Greene

a travel dictionary, not a compendium of Yiddish humor

Book title: Say It in Yiddish
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Say It in Yiddish - book cover picture

After reading the reviews, I wrongly assumed that this was a book that had a number of humorous phrases in Yiddish. If had known what it really was, I would not have ordered it. I might be the only person on earth that had this mis-conception, however.

Regardless, this is a handly little book. The book is tiny and designed to fit in a shirt pocket, hence the tiny price.

There is an index of words and there are major sections such as "parts of the body" and "business" and "restaurant" vocabulary.

The book is very business like and it is apparent that it is intended to be an easy-to-access phrase book for folks new to Israel or any area with a large Yiddish-speaking population.

EAN: 9780486208152
Publisher: Dover Publications
U. Weinreich

Arguably the greatest book series of all time

Book title: Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set (Books 1-4)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set (Books 1-4) - book cover picture

You no doubt by now have heard of the Harry Potter books. In addition to the books themselves, there's been movies, video games, board games, even LEGO sets. There's no doubt on earth that Harry Potter has received worldwide popularity, and that popularity is deserved.All four books are instant classics that anyone should own. I should know; I own and have read all four of these books (in addition to the fifth book, "The Order of the Pheonix").

EAN: 0078073085804
Publisher: Scholastic
J. K. Rowling

Terrific for beginning readers who love Pokemon

Book title: Bulbasaur's Bad Day (Pokémon Junior Chapter Book)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Bulbasaur's Bad Day (Pokémon Junior Chapter Book) - book cover picture

This book, and the others in the Pokemon Junior series, are great early readers for the simple reason that kids love Pokemon. The text is easy enough for my almost-in-first-grade son to read most of the words by himself, and the subject matter is (for him at least) much more interesting than the bear and bunny stuff that's in a lot of easy readers. At this stage, whatever motivates a kid to read is worth buying. I have bought all of the Pokemon Junior series books that I've seen so far, and my son has read them all several times.

EAN: 9780439154277
Pages: 46
Publisher: Scholastic
Bill Michaels
Tracy West

Everyone can learn from Jack

Book title: Jack: Straight from the Gut
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Jack: Straight from the Gut - book cover picture

First off, let's get one thing straight - it's Jack Welch. No other CEO in modern times has been as instrumental in such a monumental turnaround of a corporation as has Jack Welch with GE. Welch recounts his impressive and expeditious rise to the top of the food chain as well as his unique and provocative strategies that catapulted him there. This book proves to be a veritable must have for anyone who desires to learn a thing or two about improving upon one's management credo. Welch divulges anecdotes with self-effacing humor including the revolutionary concepts that helped forge his place in corporate history. Included are such simple, yet oftentimes overlooked, ideas such as boundaryless sharing of ideas, an intense focus on ideas, an informal give-and-take style that makes bureaucracy the enemy, and of course, his efficacious cornerstone of differentiation. Read it and learn from the best.As Jack so laconically states, "Never underestimate the other guy."

EAN: 9780446528382
Pages: 496
Publisher: Warner Business Books
Jack Welch
John A. Byrne


Book title: Shame the Devil : A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Shame the Devil : A Novel - book cover picture

According to Pelecanos, this is his final hard-boiled D.C. book for a while, so fittingly, he's used it to bring back many of the characters from his seven previous books to try and provide some closure on this part of his writing career. So, while it works on its own merits, it's really a better idea to go read the previous books to fully appreciate this one. As with many of his books, it starts with a bang: a robbery turned massacre in NW Washington, DC in 1995. The story then skips ahead to 1998, where we find the relatives of those killed dealing with their grief, and the killers itching to escape their low profiles. The story is peppered throughout with the usual pop culture references Pelecanos and I love, and plenty of local scenery. Pelecanos slowly brings the these characters and their baggage together for a final nasty showdown and some measure of catharsis and resolution. Great stuff.

EAN: 9780316695237
Pages: 304
Publisher: Little, Brown
George P. Pelecanos

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Da Vinci Code no knock-off, court rules (Stuff)
Da Vinci Code effect 'could spell disaster' for Rosslyn (The Scotsman)
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