Look a little closer...

Book title: Crime School
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Crime School - book cover picture

I have heard that all children are sociopaths, with the worrisome question being why do some stay sociopaths into adulthood? O'Connell's series featuring Sgt. Kathleen Mallory combines excellent mystery writing with fascinating portrayals of Mallory, who believes herself to be a sociopath, and the few people she has allowed close to her.In Crime School we discover even more of Mallory's childhood, including life-threatening episodes and betrayal by someone dear to her. It's no wonder that she has cut herself off from the rest of humanity and attempted to eliminate all softness in herself.For those who are looking for some hope... all is not lost. Pay attention to which characters she allows to touch her.

EAN: 9780515135350
Pages: 416
Publisher: Jove
Carol O'Connell

I just couldn't put it down!

Book title: The Notebook
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Notebook - book cover picture

The Notebook is a major tear jerker. I bought the book, took it home, and decided I'd read a little as I was going to bed. I ended up reading the whole book through from start to finish, only putting it down to wipe the tears from my eyes or get MORE tissue. It is a love story that touches the soul. A treat. I was so involved in the story I just didn't want to put it down and interrupt the mood of the story. I can't wait to read The Wedding, which is the follow up to The Notebook.

EAN: 9780446520805
Pages: 224
Publisher: Warner Books
Nicholas Sparks

The best intro on the subject

Book title: Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics - book cover picture

I've read lots of both applied and theoretical linguistics books and this one is by far the best intro to the theoretical areas. Very well written and understandable despite the quite respectable level of technical discussion and scholarship. After reading this book you will be in excellent shape to tackle more advanced topics and books. Lyons covers all the major areas, from phonetics to structural linguistics and transformational grammar. To give just one example of the many discussions I enjoyed in this book, there was the section in which Lyons discusses ergative languages, such as Eskimo, and the concepts of ergativity vs. transitivity. Altogether a superb introduction and although now a true classic (having been published in 1968), one which I've never seen surpassed.

EAN: 9780521095105
Pages: 520
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
John Lyons

Joys of Roomates & their Lives

Book title: Fishbowl
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Fishbowl - book cover picture

Allie is the giggling virgin in love with a man who won't love her back. Emma is the girl who flaunts it, and is constantly with her on and off again boyfriend. Jodine is the cold hearted, obsessive, hypochondriac. Together they are very different, funny and depressing in their own ways. This story brings them together under one roof, as their personalities clash, their love lives intertwine, and they learn about themselves amongst the loves, the fights, the burning down of their apt kitchen (don't worry it's not a surprise, the author lets you know right away). Written in a funny, amusing, "aren't these girls a little pathetic, look at their personal wackiness, but oh i love them anyways" kind of way.

EAN: 9780373250202
Pages: 360
Publisher: Red Dress Ink
Sarah Mlynowski

There is no middle ground with this book!

Book title: Confederacy of Dunces
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Confederacy of Dunces - book cover picture

I think it is important for people to know that you will either love this book or hate it. I know of about 20 people who have read this (including a women's book club) and most people loved it. However, the people who did not like it (mostly in the book club), had little good to say. If you look at the reviews, they are mostly 5 stars and the few 1 stars.If you are open, like a little dark humor and appreciate good writing this book is for you. Let's just say, it will keep your "valve open".

EAN: 9780517122709
Pages: 480
Publisher: Wings
John Kennedy Toole

Incredible!! It Works!!

Book title: Healing Back Pain : The Mind-Body Connection
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Healing Back Pain : The Mind-Body Connection - book cover picture

As a healthcare professional, I was very suspicious about this idea. However, last night after suffering through a gridlocked 6 hr. round of golf with my body wrecked in pain, I caught the conclusion of a 20/20 interview with Dr. Sarno. I gamely tried a suggestion one of the interviewees presented. Lo and behold, an hour later I caught myself running up the stairs. No pain at all. In all candor, I am truly embarrassed to disclose this, but it works. This morning, I tested myself again and have full range of motion. Irony of this disclosure, I haven't bought the book yet!!

EAN: 9780446392303
Pages: 208
Publisher: Warner Books
John E. Sarno

~^*!a great book!*^~

Book title: The Upstairs Room (Trophy Newbery)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Upstairs Room (Trophy Newbery) - book cover picture

This is a wonderful Holocaust book and it tells the true story of a little girl named Annie(the narrator). She and her sister, Sini I think her name was, had to go into hiding in a couple's attic. They were very bored a lot of the time and with not much to do for a couple of years, who wouldn't be bored? Annie learns of what has almost certainly happened to her family and of what could happen to not only her sister and herself, but the couple who took them in, if they were caught.The couple makes them a hiding place in a closet where there is a sort of wall that is shifted and the girls can fit in but the space is very small and cramped. Of course, the Nazi's do end up coming, and the girls end up hiding in their place...but what happens next? You'll just have to get the book and find out for yourself. ^_^~*Shooting Star*~

EAN: 9780064403702
Pages: 208
Publisher: HarperTrophy
Johanna Reiss

A Comforting Book Concerning the Other Side

Book title: The Other Side and Back
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
The Other Side and Back - book cover picture

A helpful and inspiring guide to understanding the meaning of our lives without being too far away from traditional concepts, but it can become an extention and can add hope and expectancy as we live our daily lives. This is a book one can refer to and think back on whenever daily life becomes a bit confusing and there is a need to know more about the questions of "Who, where, when, why?" that go beyond traditional religious concepts.
Evelyn Horan - teacher/counselor/author
Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Books One - Three

EAN: 9780141800516
Pages: 3
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Sylvia Browne
Lindsay Harrison

The Chrysalids...thought provoking

Book title: The Chrysalids
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Chrysalids - book cover picture

As a 9th grade student, I found this book at times confusing, but over the long run, very thought-provoking. The Chrysalids is about a group of young people with telepathic powers in a society where genetic conformity is the Will of God, and any mutant, no matter how small the distortion, is cruelly abused and ruthlessly cast out. The setting is supposed to be after a huge nuclear war, which wiped out much of the world. The rest is for you to find out. It is good to read books like these to open our minds more to what could be. A few reasons why I liked this book was because it made you think...everything wasn't all there for you to figure out. Also, the themes and ideas in this science-fiction novel are very true, shown in an interesting way. Overall, it was a great novel, and I encourage you to read it!

EAN: 9780141181479
Publisher: Gardners Books
John Wyndham

An important reference book.

Book title: Graphic Java 1.2, Volume 1: AWT, Third Edition
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Graphic Java 1.2, Volume 1: AWT, Third Edition - book cover picture

The two Core Java books by Hortsmann and Cornell have set the standard for Java reference works. This book is, to some extent, an extension of that series, specialising in the Java API.Although it is perfectly feasible to get by in Java using just the information available in the Core Java series, there is a wealth of extra knowledge avaible in this book regarding the AWT. I've found that the extra information on Layout Managers alone has made the book worth its price for me. If your interest is in development or maintenance of AWT components then I'd recommend this as an essential reference book.The only thing (admittedly minor) I could critisize about the book is the use of Booch notation rather than UML. It shows that the book is overdue for a second edition.

EAN: 0076092003465
Pages: 878
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
David M. Geary

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