Long Road Home is a Bumpy Ride

Book title: The Long Road Home
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Long Road Home - book cover picture

This was a disturbing portrayal of the life of an abused child. From the very beginning you feel sorry for young Gabriella who is stuck with a witch for a mother and an impotent excuse for a man as a father. Throughout the book I was hoping that Gabriella would find someone who can stop the violence. This occurs initially when she is dropped off at a convent without a backward glance by her mother. She lives peacefully among the nuns until a scandal erupts from which she will not soon recover. Just when you think she has again found someone with redeeming qualities, they also betray her. The emotions involved in reading this go to extremes of joy, anger, pain, disbelief and a myriad of others. It was an ending worth waiting for, but if you prefer a lighthearted novel, this might not be the one for you.

EAN: 9780552145022
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Danielle Steel

A Really Great Book!

Book title: My Friend Flicka
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
My Friend Flicka - book cover picture

This is one of my favorite books ever!!! I could identify with Ken, being a daydreamer and a horse lover too. I get in trouble for forgetting things all the time, so I really understood how he felt. The way he loved Flicka, and wouldn't let his father sell her off with all the other of the Albino's offspring really moved me, and the way he cared for her and loved her the whole time, even when she was afraid of him. I've read this several times and I know I'll read it again. I just started The Red Pony and i still like My Friend Flicka MUCH more!!! I would recommend this to anyone!!!

EAN: 9780060809027
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Mary O'Hara

Stating the obvious

Book title: The American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future - book cover picture

Finally some truth-telling. This book is not only well written and readable; it is most of all urgent, morally clear and does not avoid telling inconvenient truths. I must confess the title of the book at first did not appeal to me. Living in Scandinavia, I did not realize the message of Mr Evans book was universal. After reading some reviews, especially my favourite reviewer dugroberts, it became clear to me that this book was important even for me and my nation. When reading the book, so many unspoken thoughts were dressed in words, stating the obvious. I highly recommend this book. Pardon my English.

EAN: 9780446522526
Pages: 320
Publisher: Warner Faith
Michael D. Evans


Book title: Women
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Women - book cover picture

I was stunned by the images in this book. I was most profoundly move by the photos of coal miners, the Supreme Court Justices, the battered women, and the before/after shots of the Las Vegas show girls. Strong, striking, compelling. I have been giving this book to all my women friends and relatives as gifts.All of the images are moving, some tinged with sarcasm, some with sorrow. Leibovitz captures all aspects of women's lives: power maker, helpless victim; glamour queen, aged crone; scientist, show girl. Simply amazing.

EAN: 9780224060462
Pages: 248
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Susan Sontag

Such a sweet story!

Book title: Toot & Puddle (Toot and Puddle)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Toot & Puddle (Toot and Puddle) - book cover picture

I love this book. I could look at Holly Hobbie's charming watercolors all day. These pigs are so adorable and they are captured in breathtaking settings- a meadow picnic, in a beautiful fall day. All ages would find this a lovely book to look at.
The story reminds readers that friends may persue diverse interests, but still have a speacial bond. This is a message that children (as well as adults) will find comforting.
I was alwyas a fan of Holly Hobbie's little sunbonnet girls,
but love these charming litle pigs as much! A great book that is fun to read again and again!

EAN: 9780316365529
Pages: 32
Publisher: Little, Brown
Holly Hobbie

The Secret of Life...

Book title: The Cliff Walk: A Memoir of a Job Lost and a Life Found
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Cliff Walk: A Memoir of a Job Lost and a Life Found - book cover picture

The Cliff Walk reads as though you are listening to a friend.
I'm not going to write what happens in the book or what the theme of the book is, you can easily gather that my looking at the back cover. It is what lies within the words that is worth writing about.
Regardless how each of us here in life discover's it...the real secret to happiness is living in the "now", being happy with what you have and where you are.
In the end Don is not full of resentments and anger, he has realized the true beauty of life. You slow down enough to enjoy what is right in front of you, NOT, looking to the future to what you cannot see.
Great book.

EAN: 9780316803083
Pages: 272
Publisher: Little, Brown
Don J. Snyder

makes the battle look like fun

Book title: The Elements of Style, Third Edition
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Elements of Style, Third Edition - book cover picture

I no longer read the rules. I know most of them now, and I know which ones I will break if I am not careful.I still read the introduction, and I still glance through the book looking for encouragement and inspiration. The effort pays off when I write a ghastly sentence in the middle of an important e-mail and consider pressing the "send" button. I remember that I may save one reader by re-writing that sentence.I could slink off the field of battle, but instead, I lower my lance and charge. Strunk and White remind me that the battle is worth it and that, by God, it's fun.

EAN: 9780024181909
Pages: 85
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
William Strunk Jr.
E. B. White

A book to be read over and over!

Book title: Steppenwolf: A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Steppenwolf: A Novel - book cover picture

It seems no matter how many times I read Steppenwolf I find something new and wonderful with in it's pages.I've read all of Hesse's book's and this one is my absolute favorite. I always underline profound sentences in the Classics I read and with this one a sentence became whole chapters. The whole book is to be underlined.Hesse ensnares and amazes with his depth. To me he's like a professer of life, with so much to say you're often in awe of the thoughts he burrys deep in your mind.

EAN: 9780312278670
Pages: 224
Publisher: Picador
Hermann Hesse


Book title: Lullaby Town
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Lullaby Town - book cover picture

This is the third book I have read by Robert Crais in the Elvis Cole series. Trying to read them in order. I think this is the best one so far. Elvis and Joe Pike are great together. Still wonder if Spencer and Hawk could take them but think it would be a pretty close match. Elvis is hired to find the son of Peter Alan Nelsen. He had left him and his wife years ago. Elvis finds them but they now have mob connections and the mob does not want to give the wife up. Elvis and Joe then take on the mob. Coles fast mind and quick wit get him into and out of trouble. Pike is always around someehere. You may not see him but he is there. A very good mystery and Crais holds you attention. I found myself nearly skipping pages to find out what happened next. IF you like a good fast paced book you will like this one.

EAN: 9780553299519
Pages: 352
Publisher: Crimeline
Robert Crais

Cupid wreaks havoc on fidelity and promotes pedophilia.

Book title: In Praise of the Stepmother
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
In Praise of the Stepmother - book cover picture

With horror and delectation I read this in the original Spanish. Little Fonchito, in love with his stepmother, is like the infant Cupid who does not realize what calamities his aphrodisiac arrows can engender. Or does he? The paintings that accompany the text are a jarring mix, from Venus at her bath, to a repulsive creature who despite a tousle of misplaced limbs and organs still manages to find a partner and get off. This book is a hold-your-breath journey through dark primal desire veiled in a lacy pink Valentine. And with the added attraction of being both sumptuous and succinct, as well as full of suspense. Titillating, encompassing, recriminating. Read it and luxuriate in guilt.

EAN: 9780374175832
Pages: 149
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux (T)
Mario Vargas Llosa

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