A Bittersweet Masterwork!

Book title: Memoirs of a Geisha
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Memoirs of a Geisha - book cover picture

What is there to say about this novel? Words alone cannot describe the incredible imagery, use of metaphor, vivid narration, and all-around brilliance that makes "Memoirs of a Geisha" what it truly is. A magnificently beautiful and fascinating accomplishment from a writer with an other-worldly gift. The characters are always captivating and truly unforgettable...Sayuri, Mameha, Hastumomo, the Chairman, Nobu, Pumpkin, Satsu, Tanaka, Mother--is it humanly possible not to be moved by them all? I know my life has been changed by this wondrous work, and I will be forever haunted by its magical examinations of joy, despair, power, cruelty, friendship, yearning, and the quest for a better life. Brilliant and beautiful beyond belief.

EAN: 9780375400117
Pages: 448
Publisher: Knopf
Arthur Golden

An interesting turn

Book title: The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1) - book cover picture

An interesting turn for King. Not your typical fantasy, but not your typical horror novel either. It's both, and has a Western flavor to it. It's hard to describe, other than saying the story is intriguing. Why is he reaching the Dark Tower? Who is the man in black? What are these prophecies? Where do they come from? What is the gunslinger's purpose?Is this one giant allegory?These are just a few of the many answered questions that this series provides. A thrilling read.

EAN: 9780140867169
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Stephen King

Loch by Paul Zindel

Book title: Loch: A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Loch: A Novel - book cover picture

Loch and his sister joined their father on a expedition to Lochness Lake. Their father's boss was searching for a legendary creature, the Lochness Monster. Many people think he's crazy and that such a creature exists anymore. This creature was believed to go extinct about ten years ago. On a cold dreary day, the unexpected happens. A figure appears on the sonar screens of the boats scanning the water below. It starts moving faster and faster toward the cluster of boats. Suddenly, something breaks the surface of the water in between the circle of boats. If you want to find out what it is, I suggest you read this book.

EAN: 9780060245429
Pages: 209
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Paul Zindel

The Bible of Building Your Own

Book title: Building The Perfect PC
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Building The Perfect PC - book cover picture

I've been in this business since 1981, and have built systems for over 15 years now. This book in those formative years would have saved me many mistakes and wasted a lot of money on things that did not work all that well.

Experience is a great teacher, but it is also, expensive.

I recommend this book to any one interested in building your own, or those that want to know what components in a computer works with what.

Robert and Wife, do a great job and I'm waiting for another one from them.

EAN: 9780596006631
Pages: 350
Publisher: O'Reilly
Robert Bruce Thompson
Barbara Fritchman-Thompson

Head First Design Patterns is a fun read.

Book title: Head First Design Patterns
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Head First Design Patterns - book cover picture

I am software engineer and have read the Gang of Four book on design patterns. This book puts the Gang of Four in perspective in a pleasurable, easy to read context. The examples are in Java and provide easy to follow code. I think the best take away with this book is noticing when to use a particular pattern and then referencing the Gang of Four book as a catalog. I like that they caution the reader to make sure that not everything looks like a design pattern after reading this book (Typical hammer scenario, where everything looks like a nail). I have not read other Head First books, but would be encouraged to read them as the style is a fun easy to follow format - pictures, diagrams, silliness. This also makes the book information easier to recall than some more stodgy perspective. Fun Book.

EAN: 9780596007126
Pages: 676
Publisher: O'Reilly
Elisabeth Freeman
Eric Freeman
Bert Bates
Kathy Sierra

losing with 3 hour diet

Book title: The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin - book cover picture

I started the 3 Hour Diet 12 weeks ago and in those weeks I have lost 30 pounds and 2 dress sizes. It has been the best thing to ever happen to me. It has given me a way to lose weight and still eat anything I want. I have not once felt deprived and once my body got use to the schedule of eating every 3 hours I'm no longer hungry. Best of all for me was the fact that I like to have my glass of wine at night and with this diet I can still do that. To me that was amazing for a diet!! Diet isn't even the right word for this.....it's a life style change, and an easy one at that. This is truely the easiet diet I've ever been on!! And just a note....I lost that 30 pounds with out excersizing. But now I have added that to my routine and I can't wait to see what the result will be.
I've tried lots of diets and I can't recommmend this one enough!!

EAN: 9780060792299
Pages: 368
Publisher: Collins
Jorge Cruise

Behavioral Statistics in Action

Book title: Behavioral Statistics in Action
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Behavioral Statistics in Action - book cover picture

In my field I must read many research studies dealing with various topics. I've taken research classes and have learned to recognize key statistical concepts but I must admit that I've never fully understood how they work, what they really mean (no pun intended) or how they were derived. Don't get me wrong. I've studied, but most texts were just too advanced right from the start. Now that I've read and worked through the sample questions in this text I finally feel ready to tackle more advanced texts. The language used is clear and concise with clearly presented examples and applications of concepts. The sequencing is well thought out and quite seamless. I highly recommend it for anyone just starting research classes who has had little or no preparation in statistics. However, knowledge of basic algebra is a must. If you haven't had algebra for some time, you may want to brush up a bit.

EAN: 9780534236649
Pages: 425
Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole
Mark Vernoy
Judith Vernoy

Myth Mastered

Book title: The Ancient Greece of Odysseus (The Ancient World)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Ancient Greece of Odysseus (The Ancient World) - book cover picture

This book combines Peter Connolly's expansive knowledge of the literature of Homer with his enormous knowledge of the archaeology of the ancient world. He manages to give full value in both areas for any interested reader, whether new to either subject or not. That seems to be true of the target age group or even those of us of much hoarier vintage. Something an interested child should treasure long past the time he has apparently "grown out of it."

EAN: 9780199105328
Pages: 79
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Peter Connolly

An Excellent Book; a techno business perspective

Book title: The 21st Century Intranet
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The 21st Century Intranet - book cover picture

While many books focus on plain technology, this one integrates the business aspects of an intranet as well. An absolute MUST read. Hat's off to the author for such an interesting job. If only....we stopped assuming that Intranets run in vaccumm...the author confronts that fact and provides a detailed discussion on how you can make your company buy into the idea...and support it till the end(of it's implementation!)

EAN: 9780138423377
Pages: 472
Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr
Jennifer Stone Gonzalez

WOW!!!! A great mind grabber.

Book title: Traveler (Timeswept)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Traveler (Timeswept) - book cover picture

I just finished reading "Traveler" a few hours ago and couldn't wait to put my two cents in. I love history, I love romance, I love time travel books. This was a geat combination, I didn't want the book to end but I could hardly wait to find out how everything worked out, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This is the first book I've read by this Author, it definetly won't be the last. I was actually holding my breath when Meg found Shelby reading her diary!!!

EAN: 9780505520746
Pages: 368
Publisher: Leisure Books (Mm)
Elaine Fox

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